Wearable Mobile Devices Becoming The Rage

Apple(NEW YORK) -- You are what you wear, particularly if what you’re sporting are digital devices that have become more commonplace in everyday life.

Cisco's Visual Networking Index report says that so-called “wearable devices” are destined to be worn by 578 million people by the year 2019.

That’s about 18 times more than the number of people who are strapping on smart watches, cameras and fitness trackers today.

Meanwhile, nearly seven in 10 people on Earth will be a mobile device user by 2019, which, according to Cisco, means they’re growing at a rate of four times faster than the world’s population.

Smartphones will continue to lead way as they’ll account for 40 percent of all mobile devices over the next five years.

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Microsoft Presents Their New Band Wearable Device

Microsoft has officially released the Microsoft Band

Microsoft has released it's very first wearable mobile device called Microsoft Band. The Microsoft Band isn't a watch, but more like a smart bracelet. It measures just 19 x 8.7 mm with a light weight of 60 grams. The device is tailored for people who exercise with it's large number of sensors that keep track of important vital functions such as body temperature, heart rate, pulse rate, amount of calories burned and so on. 

The smart device features a GPS system so it is hard to get lost when camping, jogging or hunting. Other features include a 1.4-inch display that works at 320 x 106 pixels, vibration mode, 64 GB of internal memory, Bluetooth 4.0 and a microphone. The Microsoft Band provides an 100 mAh battery which can last up to 48 hours.

 The Microsoft Band device will also provide access to e-mail messages, the day of the week, a calendar, and will inform you of phone calls. The Microsoft Band is compatible not only with Windows but also with Apple Mac OS X and Android. The bracelet provides access to popular social networks as well.


Apple Jumps Into Wearable Tech with Apple Watch

    Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils the highly anticipated Apple Watch to the public, bringing the company into the wearable technology market.


IDT shrinks wireless power device for wearables

Integrated Device Technology has released its smallest 2W wireless power receiver and battery charger which it says can be used in the design of wearable devices.

The IDTP9026, which is compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC-1.1) standards, has a board footprint of 30 square millimeters.

The devcie has an I2C interface for programming of charging current, charging voltage, termination current and the thermal control loop.

Readings back from I2C include die and battery temperature, charging current and voltage, which can be used for custom control schemes or by the system’s application and user interface.

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Don't look now, but it appears as the next big thing really is going to be wearable mobile devices.


Microsoft's Smart Band Will Play Well With Others

Microsoft is said to be preparing the launch of a wearable fitness device that will be compatible with the iOS and Android platforms, as well as Windows Phone.

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Microsoft's Smart Band Will Play Well With Others


Don't smash Google Glass yet - wearables are the future

They may be yet to fully infiltrate the mainstream, but Google Glass and other wearable technologies could be the future of the British service economy, says Andy Neely.

Wearable tech: Google Glass is expected to launch for consumers in the coming months. Wearable technologies - such as Google Glass and Nike Fuelband - are capturing the headlines and in some cases raising concerns about personal privacy, but rather than viewing these technological advances with suspicion I believe that wearable technologies are opening up new ways of innovating to deliver both products and services. You can compare many of the new wearable technologies such as Facebook’s Oculus Rift or Google Glass to where mobile phones were in the mid-1980s.

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Apple, Inc.s iWatch Could Revolutionize the Wearables Category (AAPL)

With Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) unveiling its HealthKit during its 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference, it's becoming increasingly clear that Apple is likely hard at work on its own wearable device. With a likely launch nearing, Apple investors may want to begin thinking about the device's potential.

From HealthKit to iWatchHealthKit is the biggest clue yet from Apple that the company is planning to launch an iWatch this year. HealthKit will serve as a tool for developers, allowing health and fitness apps to work together. It creates a centralized location for the key metrics  Read More:

Apple, Inc.s iWatch Could Revolutionize the Wearables Category (AAPL)