Android Wear: Information that moves with you

Wearable mobile devices are hitting the market, and Google's Android Wear is leading the charge.


Wearable Devices Are the Future of Mobile

While Keith Teare, co-founder of TechCrunch, admits to giving away his Google Glass, he says the future of computing lies in mobile and mores specifically wearable mobile devices.


Apple working on curved iphones

Apple is said to be working on two curved display iPhone models for the “second half of next year,” according to a source speaking to Bloomberg, with a likely release planned for the third quarter, as well as better touchscreen sensors that introduce fine pressure sensitivity for later devices to be introduced after that.

These new iPhones for 2014 would come in 4.7 and 5.5-inch flavors in 2014.


Intel Gets Into Wearable Tech with Heads-Up Displays

Why the sudden move by Intel into wearable technology by investing in Recon's Heads-Up Displays? In September, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich made it clear that Intel plans to be smack dab in the middle of everything from data centers to mobile devices, and Recon CEO Dan Eisenhardt says, "Intel Capital shares our vision for wearable technology."

Google, Sony and Samsung are about to get some powerful company in the wearable device Relevant Products/Services market. Intel Relevant Products/Services is entering the fray through a strategic investment in a promising technology that could compete at some level with Google Glass.
Intel is betting an undisclosed amount on Recon Instruments, an award-winning technology company that claims the rights to the world's first consumer Heads-Up Displays (HUD) for sports. Recon called the investment "significant."

"Wearable computing is a major, accelerating phenomenon that re-defines how we use and interact with information," said Mike Bell, vice president and general manager of the New Devices Group at Intel Corporation. "In Recon Instruments, we see compelling technology and a solid strategy to capitalize on the wearable revolution. This is an area of significant focus for Intel Capital, and our investment in Recon Instruments is a key part of our approach to innovation in this emerging space."

Intel's Vision for Wearables

The Intel Capital backing will support Recon's product development, marketing, and global sales expansion. Recon also expects to benefit from the chipmaker's expertise in manufacturing, operations, and technology.

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Intel teases 'Quark' processors for wearable devices

Following on the heels of smartwatch introductions by Qualcomm and Samsung, Intel has announced a new processor family for wearable devices and other small gadgets. Known as Quark, the chip lineup is designed to continue shrinking component size and lowering power consumption compared to the components used in smartphones and tablets.

Speaking at the company's Developer Forum, CEO Brian Krzanich highlighted bracelets as one focal point for potential Quark development. The company is said to be already collaborating with partners to create reference designs to show off the upcoming technology.

The recent focus on wearable devices has not distracted Intel from its ongoing work in the mobile segment, where the company is still attempting to gain traction. The new chief executive also demonstrated a smartphone platform integrating the company's latest LTE modem and its next-generation Atom 'Merrifield' SoC that will arrive in devices next year.

In the near term, the company is set to move forward with its 'Bay Trail' 22nm SoC for mobile devices. The chips are said to be ideally suited for convertible devices, such as Windows tablets that double as notebooks, though the chips will also be outfitted in smartphones and basic Android tablets.

"The next wave of computing is still being defined," Krzanich said. "Wearable computers and sophisticated sensors and robotics are only some of the initial applications."

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Launched Heralding New Era of Wearable Tech

Samsung has officially unveiled its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which could be the beginning of the wearable tech era.

The Galaxy Gear was revealed at the IFA features a 1.63in OLED screen with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, a dual-core processor, accelerometer, Bluetooth 4.0 and runs a version of Android 4.3.

The Galaxy Gear will connect to a limted number of Samsung smartphones and tablets over Bluetooth allowing it to make calls, display messages, record videos and take photos, all while the user's phone stays in their pocket or handbag.

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